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Do you love skincare?

Then you need to know about this magic ingredient, that can smooth away fine lines, hydrate your skin, rejuvenate your moisture barrier and give you that dewy look. What is it? Let me introduce you to hyaluronic acid.

What I love most about skin care routines is that you can customize them and make them your own by selecting your favorite ingredients and serums for your skin concerns, for example what does hyaluronic acid do for acne? Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient everyone should have in their skincare products.

What is hyaluronic acid? What does hyaluronic acid do? From finding the best hyaluronic acid serum containing hyaluronic acid on your face to applying it correctly, you can reap the benefits of this amazing ingredient. 

You’re going to love this.

I’ve covered everything you need to know about hyaluronic including why you should use HA serum for your skin, and other health benefits of using a HA treatment serum or supplement. When to use hyaluronic acid serum?

So, if you wondering what are the benefits of hyaluronic acid are and how you can make the most of it in your skincare routine, read on, your skin will thank you for it!

Here’s a tip- When selecting a hyaluronic acid product, make sure you check the ingredients to see how much is in them. Hyaluronic acid should be among the first three ingredients, or the only one, or you might be able to see a percentage. Don’t be fooled by products containing only a tiny amount of hyaluronic acid!

Stay tuned for the good stuff!

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that is naturally occurring in our body, particularly in fluids and tissue, especially in our skin and joints. It’s there to provide moisture and also elasticity in our skin, but with time and bad lifestyle choices can slowly diminish. That’s why it’s such a popular ingredient in skincare products, especially moisturizers and serums. You’ll often see it abbreviated as HA.

How does hyaluronic acid work? When you apply it to a damp face, it works much like a sponge, drawing in moisture to increase hydration on the surface of the skin. Hyaluronic draws moisture from the environment around you, absorbing it from the air and skin so that your skin can be plump and glowing.

Benefits of hylauronic acid

Now that you know what hyaluronic acid is, here are some of the reasons why you should be using hyaluronic acid on your skin. Trust me, you’ll quickly realize why everyone is obsessed with this ingredient and why it’s in so many skin care products.


This is the biggest benefit of using hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid’s superpower is that it can hold 1,000 times its molecular weight in water, so you’re skin is getting a lot of hydration. The way it works is hyaluronic acid infuses the skin cells with water, penetrating the deeper layers of skin and binding water molecules to skin cells.

If you have dull or dry skin, using hyaluronic acid in your skin care routine is going to give it a refreshing boost.

Reduce visible fine lines and wrinkles

For mature skin, hyaluronic acid is your best friend, and even if you don’t have fine lines and wrinkles yet, it’s never too early to start looking after your skin. By retaining moisture in the skin, hyaluronic acid works by plumping the skin, and reducing the appearance of fine lines, aging skin, and wrinkles.

Whether you’re twenty years old or sixty, hyaluronic acid is a great way of preventing wrinkles and also treating them, by maintaining healthy skin and increasing cell regeneration. When your skin is happy and healthy, it will be working at full capacity to rejuvenate cells and have a radiant glow.

Firming skin

If you have sagging skin, but want that lifted, snatched look, no need for fillers, hyaluronic acid might be able to help. Because its primary purpose is to hydrate and plump your skin, it restores some of the bounce back to the skin.

As we age, we lose some of that elasticity so you don’t get that bounce back, and even though the elasticity cant be replaced, having plump hydrated skin can make your skin look tighter and snatched, firming the face for a youthful complexion.

Smoothes bumps and texture

When you have acne scars, or uneven skin, hydrating it and adding moisture to it is going to help your skin to regenerate those cells, and add plumpness to the skin. This is where hyaluronic acid comes in. Where hyaluronic acid draws water to your skin, it can help rough skin to look plumper, and over time help the skin heal those scars.


Humectants are used in so many skincare products, especially moisturizers. Their job is to draw and store water for your skin, to keep it hydrated. Humectants attract water and bind them to your skin cells for a long time after. Hyaluronic acid is just one of many humectants found in skincare, but it does a good job at storing water.

hyaluronic acid works by infusing the top layer of skin with water and then continue to draw moisture from the air, keeping your skin hydrated, for longer. Without these humectants in skincare, you would be applying moisturizer ten times a day!

Stimulates skin cell regeneration

As we age, our skin cells don’t renew themselves like they used to, because collagen and elastin production has also slowed down. So that’s when you start to notice dull skin, signs of aging, and other pesky skin problems.

When you use hyaluronic acid, because you’re restoring moisture back into the skin, your skin can focus solely on cell regeneration, since you’ve created the best circumstances for healthy skin. Safe to say HA is anti aging!

This extra hydration also contributes to a healthy moisture barrier, so your skin has a layer of protection and won’t lose moisture so easily in the day. That makes for healthy skin and a fresh youthful look.

Increased resilience

When you look after and hydrate your skin with hyaluronic acid, you’re actually reinforcing the barrier, protecting your skin from the outside world. That means not only is it nourished, healthy, and strong, but you’ve created a layer of moisture to protect it from the environment around you.

Any pollutants and toxins are separated from the skin, keeping your skin fresh. This can also be the case with products that contain stripping alcohols and preservatives or other irritating ingredients.

They can strip your skin of good bacteria that would protect it, and leave it bare against the pollutants in the environment. To avoid this, always check the labels and go for pure products with simple ingredients, and always hydrate or moisturize your skin.

Lipid barrier enhancement

That leads us to the next point, lipid barrier enhancement. When you have a strong, hydrated moisture barrier (made up of fatty acids called lipids), it protects your skin from the harmful toxins in the environment around us, that could damage our skin. These lipids are also responsible for trapping water as well as keeping harmful things out. so you can imagine that as time goes on and this barrier is hit with UV rays, receives all the damage from the atmosphere, as well as our own lifestyle choices.

That’s where using hyaluronic acid helps, by repairing and fortifying the lipid barrier, you prevent the environment from doing too much damage and prevent it deteriorating over time too.


Often with age, or sun damage, or even acne, you can start to see dark spots of pigmentation on the skin. This is where the skin has a concentrated amount of melanin(in sun damage) or of collagen(scar tissue after dealing with acne). Neither is pleasant, but the good news is, that with hyaluronic acid you can treat them and make them go away faster. With hyaluronic acid, you can increase cell turnover and strengthen the barrier so it can focus on repairing itself.

Brightens dull skin

Even if you have oily skin that is unbalanced, and your face never seems to have that clean look, hyaluronic acid can help. By providing essential hydration to your skin, you can rebalance the oil production levels and help to prevent breakouts, resulting in a brighter complexion.

Other health benefits of Hyaluronic Acid

These are some of the main benefits of hyaluronic acid on your skin, but did you know that hyaluronic acid is great for some other common health issues?

Heal wounds and relieve joint pain

Hyaluronic acid is actually very good for healing wounds in the skin. Usually, if you cut yourself, concentrations of hyaluronic acid increase to help repair the damage. It helps by reducing inflammation and swelling and getting more blood to the area. HA serums also have antibacterial properties to reduce infection, and also reduces the size and pain of the wound.

HA is also naturally found in your joints, and it keeps the space between your bones in health and lubricated so it doesn’t rub and cause pain. This is where taking HA as supplements can help people who have painful joints from grinding together. Some people also get HA injections but this can have some side effects.

Relieves dry eyes

Remember when we said that HA is naturally occurring in our bodies? Well, it’s not just in the skin, but also in your eyes. If you suffer from dry or itchy eyes or wear contact lenses, invest in eye drops containing HA, they will make a huge difference and will hydrate your eyes on a deeper level.

Plus, since HA is good at retaining moisture, you can have relief for hours on end. As a bonus point, it will give them the appearance of being brighter.

Bone strength

When you take HA as a supplement, studies have shown it preserves bone strength over time. HA works by increasing bone cell production, and therefore slow the stages of bone loss.

Reduce acid reflux

Let’s not lie, how many of us go through this? Well, hyaluronic acid can help. If your oesophagus is painful due to the damage caused by acid reflux, then hyaluronic acid can work to repair that damage. HA can repair the lining of the oespohaus and make the recovery process much faster. You can take HA supplements to deal with this issue.


Final Thoughts

If there’s one ingredient you don’t want to be missing out on in your facial skin care routine it’s hyaluronic acid. It’s key in order to retain moisture and treat dry skin. Since it’s also naturally occurring in the body, there is pretty much no chance you’ll be allergic to it or have any reactions or side effects.

The one thing I will say is that in the beauty world, there are hundreds of products with hyaluronic acid, so ensure you go for the ones that are free from irritating ingredients especially if you have sensitive skin. That way you won’t get any harmful side effects from it.

Whether or not you have sensitive skin, dermatologists recommend this ingredient for its molecular effects on the skin and moisture retention. You can use it as a topical cream to boost hydration, or in your eye as drops, or even in medical supplements and injected. Since it can hold 1000s times its weight in moisture, your skin will be getting a hydrating boost.

It’s worth having this one in your skin care routine!

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