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Benefits Of Honey On Hair

Last Updated on January 7, 2022

Benefits Of Honey On Hair:

So everyone has probably used honey when they’re suffering from the flu or winter cold; good ol’ honey and lemon and some aspirin will be sure to fight off the flu.

But did you know that you can use honey for hair too?

For thousands of years, honey has been used for its healing properties in indigenous cultures all over the globe. It is rich in antioxidants and nutrients that repair and restore the skin and hair.

If you’ve seen a few of my DIY recipes, then you’ll most likely have seen honey within my recipes. This is because honey actually comes with heaps of benefits for your hair.

From strengthening to moisturizing, honey is pretty incredible for hair.

So in this guide, I am going to run through the key benefits of using honey on your hair and why it should be a staple in your DIY recipes.

Honey is a real hidden gem for hair; you’ll notice a massive difference in the look and overall feel of your hair after using honey in your routine– trust me.

Let’s jump in!

Benefits Of Honey For Curly Hair

 Why Is Honey Good For Your Hair?

One of the main reasons that honey is so good for hair is that it has both emollient and humectant properties, making it the perfect hair moisturizer.

Humectants bond with water molecules and absorb moisture into the hair strands from the environment in order to help the hair attain moisture.

Emollients then smooth the hair follicle and lock moisture within the hair to help with moisture retention. They can also help to lock in shine and help keep hair in the healthiest condition possible.

Honey also has rich antioxidant properties, which help to prevent damage, as well as helping to keep your scalp and hair healthy. It also helps fight skin infections and keeps the hair conditioned, and nourishes strands with nutrients.

But enough of me rambling on about why honey is good for hair and let’s actually get to the benefits of using honey on your hair in more detail!

Benefits Of Honey For Hair:

There are heaps of benefits of using honey on hair, especially if you have dry or damaged hair and/or want to keep the scalp healthy.

Using honey on hair can massively improve hair health and strengthen hair follicles from within. If you have dry, brittle hair, then using honey may be your saving grace.

Hydrates The Hair and Scalp:

Since honey has both emollient and humectant properties, it makes the perfect hair mask as it is extremely hydrating and moisturizing for the hair.

The natural ingredients and high amounts of vitamins work to seal in the moisture and prevent transepidermal water loss.

Humectants work with the environment to attain moisture into the hair cuticle and bond with the water molecules, which help with moisture retention.

Emollients then seal the cuticle to lock in moisture, and the two work together to help keep the hair hydrated and moisturized– this is extremely beneficial for curly hair.

Moisturizing the hair will also leave hair super soft and silky and easy to manage.

Prevents Dandruff:

Another great thing about honey is that it is also antibacterial and has anti-inflammatory properties, which help to fight and prevent dandruff.

Dandruff is usually either caused by dryness or bacterial infections. Honey works to clean your scalp as well as moisturize, making it perfect for those suffering from dandruff or dermatitis.

It can help combat the inflamed scalp as well as help with moisturizing so honey can fight off the infection and help to hydrate the scalp in the process of doing so.

Strengthens The Hair Follicles:

One of my favorite benefits of honey is that it naturally contains protein, which strengthens the hair follicle. Just like coconut oil, honey contains amino acids that help to boost hair strength and repair the structure within damaged hair.

Honey can actually help restore elasticity into the hair follicle, which works to strengthen the hair and help prevent premature breakage.

Breakage is one of the top causes of hair shedding and hair loss, so preventing hair breakage can help improve the appearance and strength of the hair overall.

This can help improve the environment of the hair and promote hair growth.

Improves Overall Scalp Health:

Because of honey’s antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it is also great for the scalp. It is extremely hydrating and helps fight off infections.

For those suffering from dermatitis, dry or flaky scalp, honey can help soothe hair woes and help combat these scalp infections to improve the overall condition of the hair.

Most scalp issues are often caused by a dry scalp, so improving the condition of the scalp from the very core should help combat these issues and promote scalp health.

Can Help Stimulate Hair Growth:

Honey improves the overall condition of the hair and strengthens the hair from within, creating the perfect environment for hair growth.

Raw honey helps promote cell growth and can help strengthen follicles from within to prevent hair loss. So honey has some major benefits in promoting hair regrowth.

Honey has been known to wake up dormant follicles, which can help with hair growth after hair loss and improve the overall thickness of the hair.

It also helps to prevent scalp infections which may be damaging hair growth, so solving scalp infections from the root creates the perfect environment for growth.

Benefits of honey on hair

How To Use Honey On Hair:

There are many ways that you can use honey on your hair to reap the benefits, such as a DIY honey hair mask or mixed with other ingredients like olive oil or coconut oil to reap the benefits of other oils too.

Using honey as a weekly treatment is a great way to really notice the benefits and apply it to your entire head if you want benefits on both the scalp and the ends.

Avocado and Honey Hair Mask 

Suppose your hair is a little thirsty and lifeless, a brilliant way to your hair creating a mask with avocado and honey especially if you have curly hair.

Anyone with a full head of unruly curls knows the struggle of keeping them hydrated and full of life. Since our natural oils struggle to travel around all the twists and turns from our roots to the ends, the ends of our curls become very dry very easily. 

Avocados are brilliant as they contain naturals and lots of good fatty acids, which help strengthen and protect your curly ends, leaving them looking healthy and hydrated.

Avocados also act as a detangler making your life a hell of a lot easier when combing through the treatment mask from your roots to the ends. The last thing we want is to pull or snag and damage our precious curl shape or cause breakage. 

We’ve already spoken about the benefits of honey so let’s delve into the method.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • – 1 whole avocado 
  • – 1 tbsp honey
  • – 1 tbsp olive oil 
  • – squeeze of lemon


Grab yourself a blender and then add all the ingredients into the blender and blend until smooth. You can then put it in a mason jar to store or apply directly to your hair. 

Evenly coat your mask across the hair, comb it through with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb, so every strand is coated. 

Since I have quite thick, porous curls, I tend to double up on the ingredients and work in sections starting underneath and working my way through each section.  

I then leave the mask on for an hour or two and then wash my hair like normal. I will do this every one to two weeks as my curls get quite dry and in need of refreshing.

This is one of my favorite DIY hair masks for dry curly hair.

If you want an even more deep conditioning mask you can even add 1/2 cup of coconut milk. This helps add shine to damaged strands, smooths out frizz and helps strenghten your curls.

It can also help define your curl by providing your curls with moisture, giving it a real hydration kick. 

Homemade Yogurt And Honey Hair Mask:

Mixing honey with yogurt and apple cider vinegar is another great DIY hair mask for your hair. It will leave your hair incredibly soft and manageable.

Using this blend of ingredients will deeply hydrate and reduce frizz within the hair. Apple cider vinegar will also help to balance the pH levels on your scalp, which further helps with hydration, as well as fighting off infections.

Yogurt also has some major benefits on hair as it is loaded with fatty acids and vitamins. It helps the hair retain and maintain moisture, so they stay frizz-free for longer.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • – 1/2 cup of yogurt
  • – 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar
  • – Half cup honey


This method is fairly straightforward as you don’t need to blend anything or melt any of the ingredients. All you need to do is mix them well and apply. 

After washing your hair, apply to damp hair and start by applying to the roots and working your way down to the tips.

Take the time to spend 5 minutes massaging your scalp; this will rinse the mask of all its benefits. It will also stimulate the scalp to promote hair growth. 

After 5 minutes, leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes and rinse. Then apply your leave-in conditioner and style your curls like usual.  

why use honey on hair


So there you have it all the benefits of using honey for hair and why it should be a staple in your weekly routine if you love a good DIY like myself.

Honey hair masks are great for improving the overall condition of the hair and can be used on most hair types. You can even use honey as a light gel for curly hair!

Whatever you decide to use honey for, there are some serious benefits for your hair!

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