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Benefits of collagen

Last Updated on November 30, 2021

Benefits of collagen

Would you like to have smoother skin, reduced fine lines, and improved skin elasticity?

Then you won’t want to miss out on collagen. From improved skin texture to fighting acne scars, there’s a lot this ingredient can do for you. This is why I would like to introduce you to hyaluronic acid.

The best thing about skin care routines is that you can tailor them to you and make them your own by selecting your favorite ingredients and serums for your skin concerns. Collagen is an essential must-have ingredient in everyone’s skincare products.

What exactly is collagen? What does collagen do? How can I include collagen in my skincare routine? From selecting the right products with collagen to applying them correctly, you can reap the benefits of this amazing ingredient.

Here’s the best part.

I’ve covered everything you need to know about collagen including why you should use a collagen peptide serum for your skin and other health benefits of using a collagen treatment serum or supplement.

If you wondering what are the wellness benefits of collagen are and how you can make the most of it in your skincare routine and eating foods with their protein, keep scrolling, you won’t regret it!

Here’s a tip- When selecting a collagen product, make sure you check what’s best for you. For skincare, collagen often comes in the form of a peptide serum, or you can also buy it as a collagen powder or collagen supplement. All of these methods will benefit the skin, but the key thing to look out for is the percentage of collagen in them. Don’t be fooled by products containing only a tiny amount of collagen!

You’re going to want to stick around for this one!


What is collagen?

Starting off with the sciency part, collagen is a protein. Your body makes it by combining foods containing amino acids of proline, glycine, vitamin c, and copper, all of which come from your diet, to make this protein in your body. Your body uses collagen naturally, in bone, blood, and muscle, and of course, your skin. Having collagen in these key areas contributes to healthy joints and good skin elasticity. It’s what we call bounceback, when you pinch your skin, it should bounce back immediately.

Yet with time, your body produces less collagen from amino acids and we may not have as much of it in our bodies. That’s why when we do the bounceback test, our skin may take a few seconds to bounce back from the pinch. You’ll notice this most when it comes to your skin elasticity. The solution? Collagen supplements and healthy foods.

What are the benefits of collagen powder?

Although you won’t be able to fully restore your skin elasticity in your body by foods alone, you’ll be improving skin with collagen supplements. You can find creams containing collagen, and even collagen peptide serums, but in truth these just aren’t able to penetrate the skin at a deeper level like a collagen supplement. If you want to improve your skin, try collagen powder or collagen peptides in the form of a daily supplement.

Working on your skin from the inside will show you better results on the outside. What are the benefits of taking collagen supplements? When you take powdered collagen, you are in effect strengthening the dermal layer of skin, which is what will result in healthy, glowing skin. Many dermatologists recommend taking powdered collagen daily to get a smooth, youthful face.


Collagen Benefits- What is collagen good for?

Ok, so we know collagen is good for the skin. But what are the benefits of taking collagen? This is by no means an exhaustive list, but let’s just say, when it comes to using collagen in skincare, there is no age to start using this amazing ingredient! Read on to find out why it’s a favorite for many dermatologists.

Smooth skin and reduce wrinkles

This is obviously the main superpower for collagen. Collagen is naturally found in our skin, but with time it breaks down and we see wrinkles forming. So it makes sense that giving your skin an extra boost of collagen will help to restore the elasticity in our skin and reduce the depth of wrinkles, giving you a smooth finish. You’ll notice a skin tightening effect and a youthful glow!

Softer skin and hydration

Studies have shown that using collagen helps to combat dry skin. That makes sense, because when you strengthen the skin’s barrier from the inside, then less moisture is lost throughout the day. Dry skin can often make your skin lose elasticity and make your skin look worn and haggard. So, restoring your skin’s moisture levels with collagen will result in plump glowing skin.

Reduce skin damage from UV rays

We all know the importance of wearing sunscreen daily, but for most of us, that just doesn’t happen. Over time, our skin can acquire quite a bit of sun damage from harmful UV rays that affect the skin on a deeper level. When you take collagen supplements, you help to repair the skin from the inside, undoing some of the damage caused by the sun and promoting healthy looking skin.

Hide cellulite

Let’s be real, who doesn’t deal with cellulite? Although it’s very common, most people are not proud to have it. As we age, our skin can become saggy and thin out, losing its natural elasticity. That’s where using collagen can help, by strengthening the dermal layer of skin you can reduce the visibility of cellulite. You can tighten your skin and help to smooth it out, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Reduce acne scars or stretch marks

There’s nothing worse than having to deal with acne, and then having a permanent scar after it. Did you know, however, that acne scars are caused by collagen damage in the skin’s dermal layer? So taking collagen supplements can help your skin to repair itself and renew the skin cells to get rid of skin scarring. It’s the same for stretch marks. Not only can it help the skin to repair itself, but also prevent new ones from forming by promoting skin elasticity.

Increase skin durability/elasticity

In case you haven’t guessed it yet, but collagen is all about making your skin more elastic and resilient. What we mean by elastic is the skin’s ability to spring or bounce back. As time goes on we lose some of that collagen and the skin becomes more saggy and droopy. This is why taking collagen supplements can contribute to tighter skin that has more elasticity to it. It can make your skin stronger too, preventing it from sagging.

Other health benefits of collagen

Now that you’ve seen the wealth of benefits that collagen brings to your skin you’ll know what I mean when I talk about the benefits of collagen peptides. But what are the benefits of collagen for the rest of the body? You are going to want to check these out for more reasons to go and buy some collagen supplements!


Relieve joint pain

Remember when we said that collagen is naturally found in your bones? Well, it’s also in the cartilage keeping it resilient so it can cushion the movement of your joints. As usual, when we age we lose some of that collagen, which can weaken the cartilage between our joints. If you’re feeling joint pain, taking collagen supplements can help you to strengthen the cartilage and cushion the joints so you don’t feel so much pain. It can also help broken bones!

Improve heart health

As we said earlier, collagen is also found in the blood, more specifically in the lining of your arteries. They help to strengthen these arteries that carry blood through them, preventing them from becoming fragile with time, and preventing some common heart problems from developing. If you’re older, collagen is a good idea, especially if you are at risk of heart disease.

Promotes hair and nails health

The obvious reason most people take collagen is for their skin, but did you know it also benefits hair and nails? Since both your hair and nails are composed of this protein, you can help to boost their health and prevent them from breaking by taking collagen supplements. The result? More growth and less brittleness

Improve Gut health

If you suffer from a leaky gut, then taking collagen supplements have proven to help heal your gut. Collagen supplements may help to repair your gut tissue lining so that you don’t get reactions from stronger foods such as spices or gluten. If you have intestinal issues, it could be a case of a leaky gut where the lining is damaged, so collagen may be able to help with that.


Final Thoughts

What are the benefits of collagen peptides? If you’ve been wondering whether to start taking collagen peptides or powder, then this is your sign to start! From improving your skin’s elasticity, smoothing out wrinkles and fading scars, collagen also has other benefits when it comes to your body health.

Collagen may help muscle mass, heart health and joint pain, more so than bone broth. Whether you take a collagen supplement for digestive support or to reverse the aging process or improve skin, you’ll quickly see the health benefits for taking this protein in your diet!

Have you tried collagen before?


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