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Aveda Botanical Repair Review In 2022

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Reviewed by Beautists

Last Updated on February 11, 2022

  • Repairs and strengthens
  • Suitable for all hair types 
  • Free of sulfates and silicones
  • Plant-derived ingredients

Let’s Talk About Aveda Bontanical Repair:

Out of the whole range, Aveda’s Botanical Repair line is by far their most popular range of products for repairing and restoring hair. Unlike the previous line Damage Remedy, Botanical repair uses a bond multiplying molecule to repair hair

What? Surely you need protein to repair hair? That’s what I thought at first but wait until you hear this. 

As a hairstylist and Aveda lover myself, I used to think that dry hair needed moisture and damaged hair needed protein. But Botanical repair shatters that paradigm forever and strengthens better than Damage Remedy without protein. 

Instead, the Botanical Repair range uses a bond multiplying molecule that interacts with the hydrogen bonds within the hair shaft. This creates a new network of bonds within the hair. Botanical Repair also smoothes the cuticle without leaving behind too much moisture. It is like the stitching that makes the repair within the hair. 

Aveda has taken the Damage Remedy and improved and adapted to offer the best repair possible. Just like Olaplex , Botanical repair works on a molecular level with the free step method of “Strengthen. Prevent. Protect”. 

So let’s talk about the Aveda products in the line in more detail. 

How Aveda’s Botanical Repair Works:

Aveda’s Botanical Repair range uses bond-building technology like competitors like Olaplex but uses plant-derived ingredients. Botanical Repair is a plant-derived, bond-building treatment formulated for all hair types and textures.

It leaves hair feeling stronger, shinier, and naturally full of life.

Prevention is always better than a cure, so Aveda uses this goal” Strengthen. Prevent. Protect”. These treatments are designed to strengthen and help protect three key layers of damaged hair with plant-derived technologies.

Strengthen- The Cortex: The plant-derived bond-multiplying molecule penetrates to the inner cortex to strengthen damaged hair from within. It bonds with broken or damaged bonds within the hair to visibly and physically strengthen.

Prevent- The Cuticle: The nourishing macro green blend with avocado, green tea, and sacha inchi oils smooth the cuticle to detangle and prevent breakage in damaged hair.

Protect- The F-Layer: The plant-derived complex mimics the hair’s outer f-layer to help protect damaged hair. The F-Layer is the workhorse behind healthy hair; it is the outmost group of water-repelling molecules that encase the hair cuticle.

The F-layer keeps hair soft and fights off damage caused by heat styling or frequent exposure to water. By Aveda mimicking this quality in the hair within their botanical Repair, it means that this range doesn’t just Repair but also protects and prevents damage from occurring again.

Pretty cool, right? Well, within this range, they offer a leave-in treatment, strengthening masque, shampoo, and conditioner. This full range will transform your hair but if you don’t want to invest, then take a trip to an Aveda salon for this treatment.

This range is a whopping 94% naturally derived, sulfate-free, and silicone-free; they don’t call it award-winning for nothing.

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The Aveda Botanical Repair Line:

So what is within the Aveda Botanical Repair Collection, and how do they work together to strengthen the hair? There are five different botanical repair products within the range, and here’s what each one does for your hair.

Aveda Botanical Repair Shampoo:

Kicking it off with the Botanical Repair line’s product is best known for, the Aveda Botanical Repair Strengthening Shampoo that strengthens, repairs, and nourishes damaged hair. It may be pricey, but Olaplex has nothing on this bad boy.

This silicone and sulfate-free shampoo luxuriously cleanse remove excess sebum, as well as product buildup and pollution. Basically, it strengthens and protects the hair from everyday stresses like over brushing, over-styling, and the impacts of the environment on hair.

Aveda Botanical Repair Strengthening Shampoo reinforces and supports hair from the inside out.

It uses plant-derived technologies to clear and remove excess sebum, product buildup, and pollution from the hair while strengthening from within. It improves the overall look and feel of damaged hair in many different ways.

Using the bond multiplying technology best known in this collection helps to repair hydrogen bonds to help improve hair strength gently removes all of the buildups that can cause breakage. This shampoo is so gentle it can be used on all different hair types and textures.

The plant-derived bond-multiplying molecule penetrates to the inner cortex to strengthen damaged hair from within. It works in a similar way to Olaplex, but Aveda is much more natural and sustainable for the environment.

The nourishing, acro green blend of avocado, green tea, and sacha inchi oils work to smooth the cuticle; this helps detangle easier and helps to prevent mechanical damage from occurring on the hair from the brushing process.

Then these plant-derived ingredients mimic the hair’s outer F-layer to protect damaged hair. The F-layer is the workhouse behind healthy hair, so if this layer is protected, then there’s no reason as to why you cannot unlock the healthiest hair possible.

Aveda Botanical Repair Conditioner:

With every shampoo, there needs to be a trusty conditioner to complete the set, to strengthen, detangle and hydrate the ends after the shampoo. But this conditioner instantly detangles, prevents breakage, and repairs from the inside out.

The Botanical Repair Conditioner improves the look and feel of damaged hair using plant-derived technologies.

Just like the shampoo, the conditioner conditions and instantly detangles to help reduce breakage. The plant-infused formula helps make hair feel stronger. It helps build bonds within the hair using bond multiplying technology.

In doing so, it helps to reduce damage-related frizz and flyaways and improves the overall condition of the hair. It lightly conditions the hair and is perfect for everyday use without weighing the hair down. It is so lightweight but deeply repairing.

The shampoo and conditioner from this collection go hand in hand and deserve five stars.

Aveda Botanical Repair Leave-In Treatment:

Following the conditioner is a leave-in treatment that shouldn’t be missed. It works to hydrate the hair lock in moisture. But this leave-in treatment also acts as a heat protectant as part of the protected part of “Protect” and “Prevent.”

This leave-in treatment instantly strengthens and repairs damaged hair from the inside out. It reduces frizz and helps to prevent breakage by protecting hair from heat damage up to 230ºc/440ºf. So your hair is protected from blow-drying and heat styling.

See how they go hand in hand? Strengthen, Prevent, Protect is shown throughout this whole line.

But wait, the Botanical Repair Leave-In Treatment even helps protect hair from UV rays and drying effects from the sun. It instantly detangles and reduces breakage, leaving hair feeling soft and smooth with luxurious slip.

Plus, to top it all off, unlike the other products in the range, it is 99% naturally derived, so nothing but good for your hair.

Aveda Botanical Repair Light Intensive Strengthening Masque:

Everyone needs a deep conditioner in their routine; it is the key to unlocking healthy hair. This lightweight strengthening masque is formulated for weightless conditioning that intensely strengthens and repairs hair from within.

The Light Masque is perfect for fine to medium hair as it offers weightless conditioning that intensely strengthens and repairs the hair. It improves the look and feels of damaged hair instantly. It helps to maintain results at home– like the Olaplex No 3.

It works to strengthen the hair’s integrity at the core to help reduce breakage. This plant-derived complex helps strengthen all three key layers of the hair fiber from the F-layer all the way to the cortex. It really does strengthen from the inside out.

Aveda offers both rich and light for the Botanical Repair strengthening mask, so those with any hair thickness can benefit from using this mask. It contains 98% naturally derived ingredients, making them perfect for repairing any hair type.

Aveda Botanical Repair Rich Intensive Strengthening Masque:

Just like the Botanical Repair Light Intensive Strengthening Masque, Aveda also offers a rich version for medium to thick hair. It improves the condition of damaged hair instantly and contains two times the plant lipids and added butters than the light.

The Rich Intensive Strengthening Masque strengthens the hair integrity at the core and helps prevent breakage. The plant-derived complex works to strengthen the hair layer by layer, just like the light version– from the F-layer all the way to the cortex.

It is perfect for thick hair types as it is slightly more moisturizing and heavier; it is also 94% naturally derived.

Why We Love Botanical Repair At Beautists:

At Beautists, we love the Botanical Repair range if your hair is extremely damaged. It is on the pricier side in comparison to other collections, but the price is worth every cent with the benefits it offers. They are salon-worthy and worth every buck.

Botanical repair has changed the lives of many with damaged, lifeless hair in need of some revival. Their full range goes hand in hand to meet the needs and penetrate through the three layers of your hair to repair and restore.

If you’re looking for a brilliant brand to repair your luscious locks, then Aveda’s botanical repair is the one you need. Check out how to use the Botanical Repair range for more details of how to acheive the best results!

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